Estonia submits an overview of the implementation of the Sustainable Development Action Plan in the UN this summer

30.06.2016 | 11:29

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At today’s session, the Government received an overview of the implementation of the UN Action Plan for 2030, approved in September 2015, on which Estonia delivers a presentation among the first 22 countries this summer.

The overview of the implementation of the UN Action Plan for 2030 highlights the good situation with regard to the protection of biodiversity, the large proportion of renewable energy sources in economy of heat, inclusive legislative drafting, quick and broad-based availability of public services through e-services, and the availability and quality of education as the strengths of Estonia.

The main tasks of Estonia include achieving an increase in productivity, improving the energy and resource efficiency of economy, reducing carbon dioxide emissions, improving the livelihoods of low-wage people, and reducing the gender pay gap. It is still necessary to increase the awareness of the general public about the global sustainable development objectives and improve participation when achieving them.

The global sustainable development objectives entered into force at the beginning of this year, and the overview prepared by the Government Office provides an excellent picture of Estonia’s starting position. “The analysis shows that several global sustainable development objectives are also reflected in the priorities established by the Estonian government, such as growth and state and local administration reform, but also the improvement of the livelihoods of low-wage people,” Deputy Strategy Director of the Government Office Henry Kattago said.

The declaration titled “Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”, which was approved at the UN Summit on 25 September last year, determines 17 global sustainable development objectives and 169 secondary objectives and guidelines for their implementation. This year, a total of 22 countries, including Estonia, will submit a report on the implementation of the Action Plan. The country reviews are presented at UN high-level political forum that takes place from 18–20 July, and where Estonia is represented by the Minister of the Interior.

The preparation of the overview was coordinated by the Government Office and the interministerial working group for sustainable development and the Estonian Commission for Sustainable Development participated in its compilation.

More information: Eili Lepik, Strategy Unit of the Government Office, +372 693 5619,