Estonian statistical transfers of renewable energy will be coordinated by an expert group

27.03.2018 | 14:25

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A pan-ministerial expert group comprising entrepreneurs and their representative organisations will be created to coordinate the statistical transfers of renewable energy. The group will be led by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications and the Government Office.

The expert group will map the countries of the EU who would be interested in cooperation with Estonia, prepare an overview of possible cooperation measures and projects, and create value offers for interested countries.

“The statistical transfers market is a market of buyers, which means that a separate agreement must be made with a partner country on the terms and conditions of each transaction,” said Henry Kattago, Strategy Director of the Government Office, adding that Estonia’s goal is to maximise the profits received from statistical transfers.

The expert group will also develop a sales strategy, which will determine the responsibilities and the division of roles of state authorities, the contributions of the representatives of the private sector, and a plan for long-term cooperation.

According to Kattago, officials and partners must make a joint effort to realise the value offers. “The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications will assume the role of the main coordinator of statistical transfers, but all partners must give their support and make a contribution in accordance with their areas of responsibility to finalise sales transactions.”

Last October, a working group was created at the Government Office, which introduced suggestions for further organisation of statistical transfers of renewable energy to the Government Committee on Economic Development in February. Based on this presentation, the Government Committee deemed it necessary to create a pan-ministerial expert group on statistical transfers of renewable energy comprising entrepreneurs and their representative organisations, which will coordinate statistical transfers in the future.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications and the Government Office are responsible for the work of the expert group, which has to complete its tasks by December 2018. State authorities, entrepreneurs, and the representative organisations of entrepreneurs will be involved in the expert group.

In accordance with the Renewable Energy Directive adopted in 2009, 20% of the energy consumed in the EU must come from renewable sources by 2020 and Member States may cooperate to meet their renewable energy goal. Estonia already meets its target and can export renewable energy to the European market, thereby contributing to the respective obligations of other countries. Estonia and Lithuania are the first EU Member States to sell renewable energy statistics.

Additional information: Triin Reisner, Adviser of the Strategy Unit of the Government Office, +372 693 5626,