The Government approved the new Action Plan for Open Government Partnership

30.06.2016 | 11:26

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The Action Plan that was completed as a result of the cooperation between the state representatives and non-governmental partners focuses on increasing the openness and inclusiveness of policymaking and the development of citizen-centred public services from 2016–2018.

In cooperation with local government associations participating as new parties in the Open Government Partnership (OGP), the completed Action Plan supports the implementation of the open governance principles at local level. Also, the representatives of the parliament want to promote the open law-making principles as new parties.

Based on the proposals made by different parties, the body coordinating the Open Governance Partnership decided on the priority directions of the new Action Plan, and a total of 33 proposals for specific activities were received under the open collection of ideas, and based on these the coordinating body decided to incorporate nine activities in the Action Plan. The new Action Plan will be submitted to the OGP international secretariat.

According to recent data from the OECD, involvement in policymaking has increased significantly in Estonia. Compared to the OECD countries, Estonia is in sixth place (among 38 countries). In the previous report, Estonia was in 33th place (among 36 countries). This indicator shows to what extent the executive power includes other parties in policymaking; consultation methods, openness, transparency, and feedback mechanisms are evaluated.

The OGP coordinating body was established in September 2014. It is composed of the representatives of the state and non-governmental partners, including representatives of NGOs, employers and employees, and as of 2016, also representatives of the Riigikogu and local governments. The body includes the representatives of the e-Governance Academy, the Network of Estonian Nonprofit Organizations, the Estonian Cooperation Assembly, the Open Estonia Foundation and the OGP roundtable, the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Confederation of Trade Unions, Praxis Centre for Policy Studies, the Riigikogu, the Association of Estonian Cities, and the Association of Municipalities of Estonia, as well as the secretary generals of the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The entire work is managed by the State Secretary.

The whole task is to compile the Action Plan and coordinate its implementation, provide recommendations to participants and make decisions related to the partnership, as well as assess the implementation of the Action Plan and provide widespread publicity to the objectives and activities of Estonian participation in the Open Government Partnership.

Estonia joined the Open Government Partnership in 2012 and it currently connects 69 countries. The OGP is an international initiative that was created to promote good governance in the world by using opportunities arising from the development of technology. Open governance means exercising power in an honest and transparent way, and in dialogue with the citizens. The countries that have joined the OGP commit themselves to following the principles of an open government and develop a specific Action Plan in cooperation with various parties. In order to assess the implementation of the Action Plan, both a self-assessment report and an independent assessment are compiled.

More information: Liis Kasemets, Adviser of the Strategy Unit of the Government Office, +372 693 5627,