The government changed the statute of the Government Office

12.09.2019 | 16:52

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At today’s sitting, the government approved the proposal to change the statutes of the Ministry of Finance and the Government Office, shifting the core responsibility for shaping the country’s strategic planning framework from the Ministry of Finance to the Government Office. The change gives the prime minister more opportunities than before to manage strategic planning of the country through development plans.

Secretary of State Taimar Peterkop said the change allows the prime minister to manage the country comprehensively at a strategic level. ‘The organisation and coordination of the country’s strategic planning at the agency level will also be strengthened,’ he added.

Currently, both the state financial management and strategic planning are organised and coordinated by the State Budget Department of the Ministry of Finance. The Government Office has been responsible for planning the work of the government, including the preparation and implementation of the government’s programme, and strategic development plans for increasing the country’s competitiveness, and for sustainable development. This includes advising the prime minister and the secretary of state on strategic planning issues.

When the change comes into force, supporting the work of the government will also include the primary responsibility for organising and coordinating the country’s strategic planning.  The Government Office will have the right to formulate a strategic framework supporting Estonia’s long-term development.

This change does not affect the role of the Ministry of Finance in the preparation of the state budget strategy and the state budget.