The Government Office will launch the fifth Newton leadership offspring programme

17.04.2019 | 13:23

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For the fifth time, the Top Civil Service Excellence Centre of the Government Office will launch the Newton leadership offspring programme, which aims to find potential top-level executives for the future among people who currently work in the public sector, to motivate the participants of the programme to plan their future career in civil service, and thereby ensure sustainability in the management of government authorities.

The focus of this programme is on information society. “We look forward to receiving applications from candidates who already play an important role in the public sector and have the will and prerequisites to reach senior management positions in public service,” said Eve Limbach-Pirn, Head of the Top Civil Service Excellence Centre.

The programme is open for candidates with management experience working in ministries, agencies, inspectorates, agencies managed by governmental authorities, constitutional institutions and agencies serving them, and foundations, non-profit organisations, and companies with state participation.

“Many of today’s top-level executives started their career in public service, having previously worked as mid-level managers or top-level specialists,” said Limbach-Pirn. “It is important for us to find the potential top-level executives at an early stage because even though their work experience includes very good sectoral knowledge, it might not ensure the managerial competencies needed for the position of a top-level executive,” Limbach-Pirn added.

Applications for participation in the programme can be submitted until 20 May and up to 20 participants will be selected from all applicants. The programme will launch in September 2019 and last for one year. It will be financed from the European Social Fund.

The programme was named after Sir Isaac Newton, the scientist who worked out the formula of acceleration, and will be carried out for the fifth time. 85 potential top-level executives have successfully completed the programme; 65 per cent of the graduates have undergone a positive career change after the end of the programme, nine of them have become top-level executives, and seven are working at an EU institution or international organisation.

There are a total of 94 top civil service executives – secretary generals and director generals of executive agencies and inspectorates – in Estonia. The Government Office has been developing top civil service executives since 2005.

More information about the programme:

Additional information: Eve Limbach-Pirn, Head of the Top Civil Service Excellence Centre, phone +372 693 5452,