An innovation unit to be created at the joint ministry

09.04.2018 | 14:37

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The unit to be created at the joint ministry will make public services more client-centred.

“Many people likely have negative experiences with inefficient public services: long queues at the service centres of public offices, inadequate public transport timetables, or being sent from one office to another with their problem,” said Henry Kattago, Strategy Director of the Government Office.

“Finding working solutions requires experience and extensive methodical knowledge of the methods of service design. The objective of the innovation unit to be created is to fix the issues of inefficient public services and to provide relevant support and expertise to ministries,” he added.

The unit will be launched as a three-year pilot project and its first tasks are related to the future of intelligent transportation, shaping the treatment process of cancer patients, and efficient legislative drafting. “If the unit does not prove successful during the trial period, better alternatives must be found for implementing innovation culture in the public sector,” Kattago said.

The Government Office announced a public competition to find a three-membered team for the competency centre.

The Government Office, the Ministry of the Interior, and all of the ministries located in the building of the joint ministry – the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, the Ministry of Social Affairs, the Ministry of Justice, and the Ministry of Education and Research – will take part in the work of the innovation unit. All ministries are welcome to join.

The innovation unit will be created based on a suggestion from the public sector and social innovation task force. The task force concluded that public offices should use more innovative and evidence-based methods and modern capabilities in providing better public services.

Numerous countries have created similar units to stimulate and coordinate methodical support and innovation culture.

Additional information: Henry Kattago, Strategy Director of the Government Office, +372 693 5629,