The national strategy must focus on human health and education

12.02.2019 | 18:52

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During the discussion of the country’s long-term strategy “Estonia 2035”, more than 200 participants agreed that over the next decade, Estonia must focus on improving human health and flexible learning opportunities. The four main keywords about Estonia’s future were the following: open, clean, innovative, and caring.

The debate on the long-term strategy of the state started with a vision of Estonia in 2035 by Kersti Kaljulaid, President of the Republic of Estonia. “Today, we have not understood very well what living in a welfare state obliges us to do. When looking into the future, we must set the goal of being more social, helping the weaker, and focusing on the people,” said Kersti Kaljulaid. “When creating the Estonia 2035 strategy, we must be very open-minded and not set the goal of following one path. It must be thought-provoking and include many roads and intersections.”

To create the strategy, over 200 representatives of different organisations, associations, communities, and businesses came together today to determine the long-term development needs of Estonia.

According to the Henry Kattago, Strategy Director of Government Office, it was decided that the health and education of the people will be the key issues in the strategy. “In addition to flexible learning opportunities that take into account the needs of the people and improving human health, we must also focus on business competitiveness and infrastructure development,” said Kattago. “Today’s seminar with hundreds of participants and specific ideas showed that in addition to day-to-day politics, people are hugely interested in the long-term development of the country.”

Today’s seminar will be followed by a number of discussions and opinion polls taking place all over Estonia to give everyone the opportunity to share their ideas, think about the future, and set Estonia’s development goals together.

Kaie Koskaru-Nelk, Deputy Secretary-General of the Ministry of Finance, said that after specifying the development goals, a more detailed analysis will be carried out on the reforms and impacts. “By the end of this year, we want to complete the working version of the strategy, which should provide the directions and financial needs for all policymakers and decision-makers in all areas,” said the Deputy Secretary-General.

The preparation of the “Estonia 2035” strategy began in March last year. The Government Office and the Ministry of Finance are responsible for it.

Photos of the event held today (by Raigo Pajula) can be found here and background information and materials are available on the website of the Government Office.

Additional information:
Eili Lepik, Deputy Strategy Director of the Government Office,, +372 5067123
Magnus Urb, Head of Strategic Planning of the Ministry of Finance,, +372 56656990