A new chairman was elected for the Commission for Sustainable Development

24.10.2019 | 12:18

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The Commission for Sustainable Development elected Mihkel Annus, chairman of the Estonian Renewable Energy Association, as its new chairman, and Meelis Joost from the Estonian Chamber of Disabled People as its vice-chairman.

According to Mihkel Annus, the newly elected chairman, the commission is tasked with guiding the developments of the society to base them primarily on the joint sustainable development goals. “The sustainable development goals of the UN describe a safe, fair, and clean living environment that facilitates the well-being all members of the society and requires cooperation to achieve. The primary role of the Commission for Sustainable Development is to be a partner and a watchdog for the state to ensure that all positive developments are realised,” said Annus.

Estonia has promised to implement global sustainable development goals with the UN declaration “Transforming our World: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”, adopted in 2015. At the end of this year, Estonia will begin preparing an overview for the UN on the implementation of the agenda. A similar overview was last submitted to the UN in 2016.

The Estonian Commission for Sustainable Development is a commission created in 1996 that comprises representatives of 22 non-governmental organisations and is tasked with analysing the long-term sustainable development policy of the country. The commission is serviced by the Government Office.

Additional information:
Mihkel Annus, chairman of the Commission for Sustainable Development, 5691 3094, mihkel.annus@taastuvenergeetika.ee
Eili Lepik, Strategy Unit of the Government Office, 693 5619, eili.lepik@riigikantselei.ee