Secretary of State Heiki Loot resigns

22.05.2018 | 17:08

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After 15 years in office, the Secretary of State Heiki Loot is resigning.

When commenting on his decision, Heiki Loot said he was grateful for the opportunity to hold the office of the Secretary of State for such a long time. “The Prime Minister discussed with me the possibility to continue in office also for the next term, but I find that after 15 years, it is high time to pass the baton,” Loot explained.

As his greatest achievement, Loot mentions the development of the Government Office into a modern government centre, which supports the work of the government and the prime minister in planning, coordinating, and communicating policies.

“I am especially proud about the organisation of the Estonian presidency of the Council of the EU and the centenary celebrations of the Republic of Estonia,” Loot added.

Commenting on his further plans, Loot said that he would like to devote himself to work in the field of law.

Heiki Loot became the Secretary of State in August 2003; he has worked with seven governments and four prime ministers.

The Secretary of State organises the work of the Government of the Republic and directs the Government Office. As the head of the Government Office, the Secretary of State has the same rights that are given to a minister in managing a ministry. The Secretary of State is appointed and released from office by the prime minister.

The position of the Secretary of State was turned into an office with a term of five years with the Civil Service Act that entered into force in 2013; the term of office of Heiki Loot ends on 31 December 2018.