Secretary of State Taimar Peterkop will assume office on 10 December

05.12.2018 | 14:06

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With his order, Prime Minister Jüri Ratas appointed Taimar Peterkop to the office of Secretary of State, starting from 10 December.

"Naturally, I expect to learn a lot in the coming months, although the Government Office is a strong organisation and I feel good about assuming the office of Secretary of State," said Taimar Peterkop.

Prime Minister Jüri Ratas has said that Peterkop has proven himself in several state institutions and has extensive leadership experience and an understanding of the functioning of the state. "He is a professional, responsible and trustworthy leader, and he embodies all of the qualities I expect to find in a Secretary of State. It was for these reasons that I suggested he assume the office of Secretary of State".

The Secretary of State organises the work of the Government of the Republic and manages the Government Office. As the head of the Government Office, the Secretary of State has the same rights as those given to ministers by law for managing the work of ministries.

The Secretary of State draws up the agenda for the session of the Government of the Republic and takes part in the session of the Government of the Republic with the right to speak. He also monitors the conformity of the draft legislation of the Government of the Republic with the Constitution and other pieces of legislation, and signs the regulations, orders, and minutes of the meetings of the government. The Secretary of State also manages the work of the commission for the selection of senior management posts in public service and holds the state seal.

Since May 2015, Taimar Peterkop has been in charge of the Estonian Information System Authority. Before that, he was the Deputy Secretary General for Legal and Administrative Affairs of the Ministry of Defence.

During the period 2000–2001, Peterkop worked as a lawyer at the Government Office and from 2001–2008, at the Ministry of Defence, the first four years of which was spent in the Legal Department as Head of the Office of International Law, and the last three years as Head of the Operations and Crisis Management Department. During the period 2008–2010, Peterkop served as Defence Counsellor at the Estonian Embassy in Washington, D.C.

Taimar Peterkop is a graduate of the University of Tartu School of Law and the United States Army War College, and holds a Master’s level degree in Strategic Management.

The previous Secretary of State, Heiki Loot, who had been in the position from 2003, assumed the office of Supreme Court Justice as of 3 December.