Task Force on research funding and management to be set up at the Government Office

09.06.2016 | 12:05

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The task of the Task Force is to prepare, as covered in the report of the Research and Development Council, the consolidation of higher education institutions and research institutions, the consolidation of their support services, and the implementation of proposals that concern the financing of research and higher education.

This Task Force will evaluate the competitiveness and development potential of the current state of the Estonian research and higher education system, and make proposals for improving the situation. The Task Force will also develop principles and criteria for the future consolidation of public universities, research institutions, and applied higher education institutions. The feasibility of the current organisation of universities, research institutions, and applied higher education institutions will also be assessed.

Additionally, the Task Force will analyse the sectoral structure of higher education, research and development activities, and innovation financing by comparing it to the needs of the Estonian society and economy. Proposals concerning the long-term financing plan of research and higher education that is necessary for achieving Estonian competitiveness goals, as well as proposals for making changes in the current system will be submitted to the Government.

The Task Force includes the representatives of the Ministry of Education and Research, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, and the Ministry of Finance. Also, proposals for participating in the work of the Task Force will be made to the Estonian Academy of Sciences, the Estonian Employers’ Confederation, the Estonian Service Industry Association, the Federation of Estonian Student Unions, and the non-profit association Universities Estonia.

The Secretary of State will submit an overview of the work of the Task Force to the Government in the third quarter of 2017. The Government Office is responsible for convening and coordinating the Task Force.

The 12-member Research and Development Council advises the Government of the Republic in matters relating to the research and development strategy. In February 2014, the Research and Development Council decided to commission a report on the network and policies of the Estonian universities and other research institutions, including institutions of professional higher education. The final report was completed in August 2015.

Task Forces have been set up at the Government Office since 2011. The Task Force will be established in the fields that concern several ministries and require cross-sectoral cooperation. The Task Force for combining the skills of people and labour market changes, the Task Force established to coordinate the prevention policy for injuries and deaths due to injury, and the Task Force on the formation of Estonian eHealth National Strategy have previously operated at the Government Office. In December 2015, the Task Force on population protection and the Task Force for reducing the burden of care were established at the Government Office, and the Task Force on public sector innovation was created in February 2016.

A report on the network and policies of Estonian universities, research institutions, and applied higher education institutions can be found here: https://riigikantselei.ee/et/valitsuse-toetamine/teadus-ja-arendusnoukogu/teadus-ja-arendusnoukogu-materjalid

More information: Henry Kattago, Deputy Strategy Director of the Government Office, +372 693 5629, henry.kattago@riigikantselei.ee