Top executives: comprehensive national defence requires the contribution of all government agencies

31.10.2014 | 18:04

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Top executives in civil service agreed at today’s conference that the implementation of a comprehensive approach to national defence requires the contribution of all government agencies.

Top executives discussed how best to ensure the implementation of the non-military part of the national defence development plan for 2013-2022, which for the first time in history takes a broader look at national defence and sets specific national defence objectives for government agencies. According to top executives, it is important for the relevant authorities to know how to assess their role adequately and to rapidly restructure their activities.

The development plan provides for civil sector support for military operations, international activity as well as ensuring internal security, the continuous operation of vital services and psychological defence. Estonia is spending two percent of its GDP on defence, while the presence of allies in Estonia has increased.

Participants at the conference of top executives in the civil service included secretary generals and deputy secretary generals of ministries and Directors-General of boards and inspectorates.