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Secretary of State Heiki Loot

Mr Heiki Loot has been the Secretary of State since 11 August 2003.

Heiki Loot was born in Tallinn, on 28 April 1971. Heiki Loot graduated from Tallinn Secondary School No. 21 in 1989. He graduated from the Faculty of Law of the University of Tartu in 1995. 
In the years 1994–1995, Heiki Loot worked as Assistant to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. In 1995–1998, Heiki Loot served as Head of the Department of Public Law in the Ministry of Justice. He participated in launching the penal law reform, led the preparation of the materials of the legal expert committee on constitution, and participated in drafting the concept of administrative law reform and in launching the reform. 
Heiki Loot has been active in preparing several draft acts (President of the Republic Election Act, Probation Supervision Act, Prosecutor’s Office Act, Legal Chancellor Act, Courts Act, Code of Criminal Procedure, Government of the Republic Act, Security Authorities Act).
In 1998–2003, Heiki Loot was the Rector of the Estonian Public Service Academy.
Since 11 August 2003, Heiki Loot has been the State Secretary of the Republic of Estonia.
In 1997–1999, Heiki Loot was a member of the constitutional law expert commission by the Council of Europe (European Commission for Democracy through Law or Venice Commission).


Heiki Loot has been a member of the Estonian Academic Law Association since 1993.


Secretary of State Mr Heiki Loot

Secretary of State

The Secretary of State is appointed and released from office by the Prime Minister. Only a person with a higher education in law may serve as Secretary of State.


  • The Secretary of State is in charge of organising the work of the Government of the Republic and heads the Government OfficeAs the head of the Government Office, the Secretary of State has the same rights as those granted to ministers as heads of their respective ministries.
  • The Secretary of State prepares the agenda for each government sitting and takes part in sittings with the right to speak. 
  • The Secretary of State ensures that the draft legal acts of the Government of the Republic are in conformity with the Constitution and other legislation, and co-signs all government regulations and orders as well as the minutes of government sittings.
  • The Secretary of State heads the work of the Selection Board of Top Executives in the civil service and gives its opinion on appointment and release from office of secretary generals of ministries. 
  • The Secretary of State is the keeper of the state seal and keeps records on use of the seal.

The Government Office

  • supports the planning of the government’s work, prepares the government’s programme and coordinates its implementation
  • prepares and organizes government sittings and cabinet meetings

  • ensures that the government’s draft legal acts are constitutional and in conform to other legislation
  • coordinates the shaping of Estonia’s positions and advises and supports the Prime Minister in European Union affairs
  • organises public relations for the government and the Prime Minister and internal public relations work related to the European Union
  • advises the Prime Minister on national security, organises the work of the Government Security Committee and manages the coordination of national securtity and defence management
  • advises and supports the Prime Minister in directing the work of the Research and Development Council
  • organises recruitment, selection and development of top-level public servants

  • organises matters related to state and local government insignia and performs other obligations imposed on it by legislation and other legal acts

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Last updated: 29 January 2015