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Co-ordination of security and national defence


The Government Office advises the Prime Minister on national security issues and organises the affairs of the Government Security Committee. The National Security and Defence Coordination Unit of the Government Office also manages the coordination of national security and defence management.

The Government will implement a coordinated security policy. Performance of the security policies and preparation of sectoral plans are guided by the principles set out in the National Security Concept and operating trends. The National Security Concept is updated as the security environment changes significantly and necessitates the need to update the security policy.

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The Government Security Committee


The Security Committee operates at government level and it coordinates the activities of the security agencies. The Committee is chaired by the Prime Minister, and it comprises of the Defence Minister, Minister of the Interior, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Justice and Minister of Finance.


The committee:

  • coordinates the activities of security agencies and military intelligence;
  • analyses and assesses the domestic security situation;
  • defines the national security information needs;
  • opines on matters related to the management of the protection of state secrets;
  • performs other tasks assigned by the law of the Government of the Republic.


The National Security and Defence Coordination Unit 
Phone +372 693 5290
E-mail jrkb[at]riigikantselei[dot]ee


Last updated: 13 September 2017