Government Office coordinates the implementation of “Estonia 2035”

The Government Office is responsible for coordinating the preparation, implementation and amendment of the strategy “Estonia 2035” in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance.

“Estonia 2035” is carried out mainly via development plans and programmes in the respective fields. Achieving Estonia’s strategic goals also requires the contribution of local governments and public, non-governmental and private sector organizations, as well as the knowledge of the Estonian people in making everyday choices. The goals were agreed upon at discussions that took place across Estonia over a period of two years, and on the basis of opinion gathering (almost 17,000 people have contributed).

Celebrating 30th anniversary of the restoration of independence

Three decades ago, the Republic of Estonia was restored by national consensus. On August 20, 1991, the Estonian Supreme Council decided to restore Estonia's independence. The Republic of Iceland was the first to recognize Estonia's restored independence.

The celebrations will soon kick off and last until the end of September. Of course, the biggest event will take place at the same time on August 20 in Tallinn, Narva, Tartu, Rakvere. The Night Song Festival will reach all the people via Estonian Public Broadcasting.

It is important to note the research projects of young people, that will mark their gratitude for the restorers of independence and resistance fighters in all parts of Estonia.

Taimar Peterkop is the Secretary of State

The Secretary of State is in charge of organising the work of the Government of the Republic and heads the Government Office. As the head of the Government Office, the Secretary of State has the same rights as those granted to ministers as heads of their respective ministries.

The Secretary of State prepares the agenda for each government sitting and takes part in sittings with the right to speak. The Secretary of State ensures that the draft legal acts of the Government of the Republic are in conformity with the Constitution and other legislation, and co-signs all government regulations and orders as well as the minutes of government sittings.

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Stenbock House is the Seat of Government and the Government Office

Stenbock House is the seat of Government sessions and is where the Prime Minister and Government Office work daily.  The first Government session in Stenbock House was held on 8 August 2000.

It is one of the most remarkable government buildings in the whole of Europe with its outstanding architecture and a location that enlivens the city skyline. The Stenbock House was built in 1792. State rooms include Government Session Hall, the Hall of the Elders of the State, prime minister's office and State Seal Hall. There is a press-conference room in the house.

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