A book about Otto Tief was published in the series of biographies of the Estonian heads of state

19.09.2014 | 09:44

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The Government Office and the National Archives of Estonia presented a book by Indrek Paavle “Õiguse ja omariikluse eest: Otto Tief (1889–1976)” (“For Justice and Statehood: Otto Tief (1889–1976)”) in the building of Eesti Pank today to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the formation of Tief’s government.

Based on abundant archival material, the book covers the early life of Otto Tief, his student years at Saint Petersburg State University, activities in the turmoil of the revolutionary events in 1917, battles in the Estonian War of Independence as the commander of Kalevlaste Malev battalion, his career as a lawyer and politician in independent Estonia, an attempt to restore independence during the German occupation, and post-war repression years. The reader also learns about Otto Tief’s private life and receives an overview of the political events of that time in background of the main character.

The book was completed with the support of the grant issued by the Government Office. “We want to support the recording of the biographies of our statesmen and thereby remember the founders of Estonia,” Secretary of State Heiki Loot said and expressed great thanks to Indrek Paavle for writing the book and recognised the National Archives for good cooperation in publishing the book series.

Historian Indrek Paavle, PhD, received the grant of the Government Office in 2012 to compile an academic biography about Otto Tief. Paavle works as a Senior Researcher at the Estonian Institute of Historical Memory and has been mainly engaged in researching Estonian political history during the era of Soviet and German occupation and he has published several dozen research articles on these topics.

The Government Office established the grant “Estonian Heads of State 1918–1940/1944” in 2007. The manuscripts that have been approved by the committee will be published in the series of biographies of Estonian statesmen, which has been established by the National Archives. The newly published book about Otto Tief is the second one in the series.

In 2008, the grant was given to professor Jüri Ant to research the activities of August Rei. The completed monograph “August Rei - Eesti riigimees, poliitik, diplomat” (“August Rei – An Estonian Statesman, Politician, Diplomat”) was presented in 2012 and it was the first book in the series of biographies of Estonian statesmen.

In 2013, two grants were issued: to Krista Aru to write an academic biography about Jaan Tõnisson and to Toomas Karjahärm and Ago Pajur to compile an academic biography about Konstantin Päts. The books will be completed by 2018, when the Republic of Estonia celebrates its 100th anniversary.

In 2014, the grant was given to Ivo Juurvee to compile an academic biography about Kaarel Eenpalu. The work will be completed in 2017.